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The Solution

RealtyHive, at its core, is an accelerated Time-Limited Event Marketing Platform. But really, it’s so much more!

This is a powerful marketing tool, a differentiator at the listing table, a price reduction option, a listing extension tool, and a new business generator. Here’s a really great aspect of working with RealtyHive: we generate leads on your behalf and those leads go directly back to you for free!

That’s right, no cost! We have generated millions of dollars in commission income for agents just like you, and the best part is... we do the presentations to your sellers.

Here are a few highlights of working with RealtyHive

RealtyHive Highlight

When interviewing with sellers on listing appointments, you now have the ability to offer an exclusive sales alternative which provides a cutting-edge advantage over the competition. Our state-of-the-art website showcases listings and creates a nationwide listing atmosphere. This also allows you to convert existing inventory for quicker closings, additional sales, and cash flow in your business.

RealtyHive Highlight

More calls to the listing agent. Our experience has shown that buyers prefer to call the listing agent when they see a RealtyHive property sign. They view the listing agent as the local expert. Our recent statistics in residential time-limited event listings indicate that the local agent worked with the buyer 89% of the time!

RealtyHive Highlight

Shorten the selling process. Most often when potential buyers view a listing through RealtyHive, they see it as a true value and write an offer. This is contrary to the buyer asking to see similar homes on the market that are priced higher. Smoother closings are due to cleaner offers.