Market My Properties

Market My Properties

In today’s real estate market, the magic question everyone's asking is: "How do we maximize our inventory sold and create new qualified buyer leads?" Most answers come with a coaching program, marketing widget, or upfront lead fees for a barrage of less-than-qualified leads. With regards to marketing real estate listings, the online Hybrid event marketing strategy offers a number of benefits that traditional real estate marketing simply cannot match.

Online Auction-Event Marketing

Online auction-event marketing surpasses traditional real estate marketing by appealing to a local, regional, national, and even global audience with a specific offering and time frame. It presents properties to a much wider audience, which includes those interested in purchasing real estate from all around the country or even the world. Buyers can view properties online and purchase at any time weeks before or during the online auction-event, and the auction-event itself creates a new exciting audience.

We start by setting a price range for the property and then tie it to an event. The Event acts as a centralized marketplace for the seller to solicit multiple offers at one time, and allows the seller to compare all offers available. If an offer meets the seller's acceptable price, the sale can proceed immediately.

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

The decision to utilize the online auction-event marketing method is a proactive rather than reactive measure. Some Real Estate needs an extra marketing push or incentive. By exposing your listings through the RealtyHive marketplace, you’re exposing the listings to more buyers. More buyers equals more chances to sell. Building relationships is essential to success in any market, and the team at RealtyHive is here to assist in all the hard work for you, so you may focus on what’s most important to each client: a successful closing.

Changing the Rules

We at RealtyHive, with you as our Member Alliance are changing the rules to selling and marketing real estate. We utilize a proven process that generates leads, sells properties, and doesn’t include any upfront fees. We only get paid if and when you do, and have sold thousands of properties of every size all over the country.


Work With Us

We provide many opportunities for you to learn more about the services we offer agents and brokers. We personally promise the RealtyHive system can dramatically change your business and make you more money.

For more information on marketing your properties via the RealtyHive system, call 866-370-9176.