Placing A Bid on an Auction Property

Place An Auction Bid

Once an auction event has started, you will be able to place a bid on a property at any time up until the auction event closes. A red end auction count-down timer is displayed on the View Details page of an auction sale property that is involved in an active auction event.

When you place a bid, you acknowledge that you have read, reviewed and understand all of the information contained in the bid packet for the particular property you are bidding on. You also acknowledge that immediately following the close of auction, you are prepared to execute the Contract of Sale agreement and pay the appropriate deposit amount in a method deemed acceptable to the Auction Company listed for the property.

You must be logged in to your user account in order to place a bid on an auction property, and your user account must be enabled as a buyer/bidder or broker/agent.

To place a bid, enter your bid amount in the My Max Bid field and click on the Bid Now button to submit your property bid.

You will receive an email after the auction ends if you were the highest bidder on the property.

Buyer/Bidders wishing to place bids in an upcoming auction must be registered as a user at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the auction.