Benefits of Selling with Us

Benefits of Selling with Us

In today's market, the question is how do we reduce inventory and return the market to a level of stability?



RealtyHive's accelerated marketing strategy of the Real Estate Auction method allows the seller to rise above the clutter of the traditional market and grab the attention of potential buyers. Once the buyer is aware of the property and knows that the property will be sold, a genuine sense of urgency has been developed for the buyer. This sense of urgency typically creates a very competitive bidding environment either at the auction event or in the weeks leading up to the event.

Why sell with RealtyHive Hybrid Sales System?

Our system generates attention and awareness of each individual property, in a marketplace cluttered with inventory for sale under the traditional “listing method.”

It creates a sense of urgency with the potential buyers, so they know a date and time the property will be sold if the property fits the buyer's criteria; they know they may miss out if they do not act immediately.

The sale process is very transparent to the seller, thus the seller can see firsthand the true "market value" of their property. They know that no money has been "left on the table." Buyers come prepared to buy with "non-contingent" offers and "non-refundable" earnest money. Sellers know with a high degree of certainty that their property is going to close. Worst case scenario, our system lays the foundation for negotiations to begin. Even if a property does not reach the “reserve sale price” on sale day an opportunity for negotiation with a buyer is established.

Quick disposal reduces long term carrying costs including taxes, maintenance, utilities, vandalism and insurance; most importantly, the opportunity cost of funds.

The Seller Advantage

  • Generate heightened attention and awareness to your listing in a market that is cluttered with inventory. The market is virtually frozen by the Hybrid listing. Attractive opening bid pricing results in all potential buyers being insistent on viewing the auction property prior to placing a bid on any others.
  • Bringing back urgency in the marketplace by having properties on sale with a deadline.
  • Being an active part of the solution by negotiating with the lender and offering a win-win solution for the seller & lender.
  • Offers have fewer contingencies making for a smoother transaction. Quick disposal reduces long tem carrying costs.
  • Bonus
  • The sales process is very transparent; thus the seller can really see the true market value of the property. The seller has the opportunity to sell, or at worse case, a point in which to begin a negotiation.
  • Unlike traditional auction companies, there are no upfront fees charged to the seller with the Hybrid Sales System. Our “parallel” marketing plan combines the best the traditional listing method of marketing, with the added sense of urgency developed by an accelerated or pre-sale plan of creating the necessary awareness of the seller's property in the marketplace.