Benefits of Auction

Selling at an Auction Event

The Real Estate marketing process has not changed in decades. RealtyHive is the new, efficient way to sell your property.

The goal of the RealtyHive Marketplace is to partner with Sellers, Financial Institutions, and Brokers in order to produce more exposure for properties. Plus, we present properties in new ways that create the best chance for each listing to sell., powered by RealtyHive, is an auction-event marketing strategy that we like to call a Hybrid marketing method. This method helps the property rise above the clutter of properties in the traditional market and ultimately grab the attention of potential buyers. Once an interested buyer becomes aware of the property, a genuine sense of urgency develops due to the auction setting. This sense of urgency typically creates a very competitive bidding-offering environment either at the online event or at any time prior to the event.

Why is this so different?

  • You may know a real estate agent or get a referral to one from a friend, but to be sure, you want to at least talk to a few agents prior to giving an exclusive listing. So you start the interviewing process to learn the benefits each offers.

  • You list your house with an agent, and if it does not get the activity to produce an offer, the next step is usually a price reduction. Typically that is 5 percent to 10 percent off the original listing price.

  • If that doesn’t work, you either reduce again or start the time-consuming process over again, interviewing agents to do what the first one wasn’t able to do: sell your home.

Now let's look at RealtyHive. Here's how we produce the most interest in your property:

  • We start by selecting a price range in which you will consider a sale and tie it to an event.

  • We create an auction event and start the online marketing process. Our “parallel” marketing plan combines the best of the traditional listing method of marketing, with the added sense of urgency developed by Event Marketing, creating the necessary awareness of the seller's property in the marketplace to bring the most buyers, offers, and chances to sell.

  • The Event acts as a centralized marketplace for the seller to solicit multiple offers at one time and compare all offers available. If an offer meets the seller’s needs, the property can be sold. A key point to the RealtyHive system is that the seller is in control at all times of the final sales price.

Unlike traditional Event or Auction companies, there are no upfront fees charged to the seller with the RealtyHive system. We are a 100% success based system. That’s how confident we are in our marketplace.