Represent a buyer.

We are happy to work with any agent or broker licensed in the state where the property is located.

Offer bid during the Event

Register your buyer no less than 48 hours prior to the start of the auction-event. A cooperation fee is paid at closing if the buyer closes in accordance with the terms and conditions. Licensed agents and brokers representing themselves or any entity of which they are party in a transaction are not eligible for cooperating and/or referral fees.

Prior to Event Purchases

Submit an offer to purchase as you normally would with our Event Addendum. Make certain you attache the Event Addendum available as an addendum as this will save the seller from a counter. It may take a few days for the seller to respond. If the price is not acceptable, the seller will counter with a price that he or she are willing to pay to remove the property for the Event. HINT: Make your offer as appealing as possible to the seller, such as earnest money of 5 percent and as few contigencies as the buyer comfortable with. In some cases, your buyer may only get one chance at the property because we often have multiple offers on one property.

Once an offer is accepted, the property is marked 'pending' on our site, and we proceed with a normal closing through the seller's or buyer's local title company. Following completion, you are on your way to another sale!

Document Review

The next step in representing a buyer is to review all property documents, which can be found on each property listing details page. Show your potential buyer all documents and review them in detail before entering a purchase agreement.

Online Attendance

Your buyer must be registered on RealtyHive to place an offer or to bid during the time-limited event. In addition to buyer registration, the RealtyHive broker registration form must also be submitted, indicating buyer acceptance.

Occupied Properties

Should the property you wish to show be occupied, you will set up a showing as you normally would by calling us at 888-997-3753

High Bidder/Offer Acceptance

In the event that your buyer places an offer or bid that is accepted by the seller, you will be notified in 24-48 of the acceptance by a RealtyHive representative.

If you have any questions, we are always available to help you or your buyer. Please call us at