Global commercial exposure

Marketing your commercial property should be an investment, not an expense. Expand your reach and close more transactions with RealtyHive's streamlined commercial property marketing solutions.

Our typical daily exposure is 28x better than leading commercial real estate portals.

Global commercial exposure


Because selling commercial properties can come with many objectives.

Retail, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Special Purpose, Medical, Office, Restaurant, C-Store, Warehousing, Industrial, Development, you name it - each of these have their own particular buyers with their own specific needs.

You don’t want to waste precious time & money to market a restaurant to someone looking to buy a Warehouse, right?

With RealtyHive you’ll get the tools and exposure needed to get your property in front of motivated global buyers.
Unparalled Exposure


Because quantity is just as important as quality

It doesn't matter that the buyer is looking for what you're selling if they're not a good fit. Statistically speaking, you need to get your property noticed by a significant amount of good buyers to find The Buyer.
Have full advantages

Have full advantages

Even if you’re a developer

Effortlessly expose your large scale development projects, whether they are already built, under construction or are still in the planning stages, to the right buyers at the right time. This program creates the urgency needed to get the most amount of money for your units in the least amount of time.

The real estate marketing that you control

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Market Upgrade

1.79M site visits per year from over 224 countries

RealtyHive standard listing

Organic exposure

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Marketing Matters

14x increase in daily average views over normal real estate exposure

Upgraded RealtyHive listing

Local, regional, and international advertising

Third-party listing

Pay-at-closing option


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Time-Limited Events

28x increase in daily average views over normal real state exposure

Time-Limited events create a sense of urgency and puts your property in the premier position to attract buyers from all over the globe

+ everything included in RealtyHive Marketing Matters

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Commercial Success

Commercial Success

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