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Let's take the fluff out of marketing gimmicks and costly lead-generation programs, and cut to the chase. RealtyHive is here to help those who want to maximize their real estate business through:


Looking for more clients?

Become a Cashifyd Agent

Say hello to local, self-verified leads!

Buyers & sellers submit information about what they are looking to buy or sell, and agents send a proposal to entice the client to choose them.

Agents can submit better offers for the leads they want or opt-out of those they aren't interested in.

Where does the cashback come from? Cashback is in the form of rebating the referral fee back to the client at closing.

There are no monthly or hidden fees for agents to use Cashifyd!

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Want more exposure on your listings?

Marketing Does Matter

On most listing websites and search portals, it's hard for consumers to see who the listing agent really is and a lot of times, they don't realize who they end up speaking to is not the actual listing agent. Not only are leads sent to paying agents, but those agents are also shown more prominently.

Whether you are looking for enhanced exposure, additional property marketing or want to create a sense of urgency amongst buyers, RealtyHive promotes the listing agents first-and-foremost.

Add or claim your existing properties today for enhanced presence with your contact information prominently displayed.

Screw average real estate marketing!

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Market Upgrade

1.79M site visits per year from over 224 countries

RealtyHive standard listing

Organic exposure

Property Dashboard

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Marketing Matters

14x increase in daily average views over normal real estate exposure

Upgraded RealtyHive listing

Local, regional, and international advertising

Third-party listing

Pay-at-closing option

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Time-Limited Events

28x increase in daily average views over normal real state exposure

Time-Limited events create a sense of urgency and puts your property in the premier position to attract buyers from all over the globe

+ everything included in RealtyHive Marketing Matters

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Most properties on RealtyHive get up to 28x more views. Don’t miss out!

It's a big differentiator for our company. My experience with RealtyHive could not be better. Every property we have worked with them on has sold. I consider them an integral part of my everyday business.

George Ayling - Broker/Owner

Select a Fee Real Estate

I closed my first Cashifyd transaction and it truly was amazing to see how I could help the buyer receive cashback. The app was easy to use and the buyer was thrilled. I will definitely be using Cashifyd in the future!

Alisha Fulfer - Realtor


We are about to sell an Island and RealtyHive is helping us put that deal together. They have built a great reputation and we are excited to use them. If you guys are looking to sell more properties at a faster rate, RealtyHive might be your best bet!

Roger Moore - Broker

RE/MAX Real Estate Group
(Trinidad & Tobago)