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Mid-Century Charmer

This property was on the market for over 140 days before we started doing our marketing magic. The spell worked and it sold in just 36 days!

Mid-Century Charmer

The beauty from the woods

Despite it's amazing mid-century modern architecture, this house wasn’t keen on getting a new owner....

Until we stepped in - all it needed was a bit of well-done marketing. Even without a time-limited event, it still sold at a great price.

Jun 2019

The owner decides to sell

Oct 2019

Still on market

Nov 2019

The house gets listed on RealtyHive

Dec 2019

36 days later...SOLD

The facts

Our ads were seen

54,000 times

The property was viewed

1,260 times

What about the price?

List price


Sale price


That's 99% of the list price and pretty close to $1 Million!

RealtyHive's marketing programs are a key tool that many agents within my brokerage are using to gain additional exposure on their listings and ultimately generate a sale. We've seen great success not only with properties selling but also with our agents being able to create new business with prospective sellers who are looking for the absolute best marketing and service from their agent.

Tom Donegan - Broker/Owner RE/MAX Premier

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