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Cash back
Cash back

Cashifyd helps buyers and sellers connect through a cashback at closing offer. This process brings high quality, self-verified leads right to Agents.

Cashifyd is a global self-referral marketplace where consumers who are ready to buy or sell connect with agents for the opportunity to receive cash back at their closing.

These leads are sent to local agents who are able to see the customers' anticipated timeframe, price range and general location. Agents can then accept the lead and begin to work with the client as they would normally.

These leads are available with no upfront fees and you only pay the standard 25% referral fee if there is a successful closing with a Cashifyd customer. The Cashifyd customer will then receive a large majority of the referral fee.

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It's all about the Leads!

Cashifyd was created by agents with agents in mind. The platform was build with the premise that you shouldn't have to pay for leads that don't go anywhere. With Cashifyd, leads are guaranteed - no closing, no cost to you. It really is that simple.

As an agent with Cashifyd, leads of ready-to-go buyers and sellers will be sent directly to you. You will be given some basic information such as whether the client is a buyer or seller, their general location and anticipated price range. You can then accept or pass on the lead. When it comes to closing time, you simply pa a standard 25% referral fee as you would for any other client introduction.

Buyers & Sellers ready
when you are!

One of the greatest advantages of Cashifyd for agents is the flexibility it provides.

  • No wasting money on "junk" leads - only clients who are legitimately interested
  • Receive leads from buyers/sellers around the globe
  • Choose to receive leads year round or only during slow times
  • Simple to use - no need to learn complicated new systems
  • Lead sourcing brought to you - No expensive marketing campaigns or time-intensive open houses
  • NO FEES unless there is a successful closing

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