> 166 Ft Water-front Lot in Warree Bight

166 Ft Water-front Lot in Warree Bight

Sarteneja, Corozal District, Belize

Property ID: #484625 // land
166 Ft  Water-front Lot in Warree Bight
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166 Ft Water-front Lot in Warree Bight
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Corozal District
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2.73 acres
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REMAX Belize
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Property Information

Welcome to this extraordinary waterfront property located on the beautiful Chetumal Bay in Warree Bight, Corozal District, Belize. Nestled in a serene and picturesque setting, this property offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an idyllic retreat. One of the most remarkable features of this property is the crystal-clear waters that surround it. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters and witness the vibrant marine life beneath the surface. Whether you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or simply admiring the beauty of the bay, this property promises an unmatched waterfront experience. Another highlight of this property is the hard sandy bottom, which provides a solid foundation for various water activities. Whether you're launching a boat, kayaking, or simply strolling along the shore, the firm sandy bottom ensures a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all. For those seeking a peaceful and off-grid lifestyle, this property is an ideal choice. Embrace the tranquility of being disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, while still being able to appreciate the breathtaking natural surroundings. With 2.726 acres of dry land, you have the opportunity to create your own oasis in this untouched paradise. Despite its secluded location, convenience is not compromised. The property is conveniently located approximately 15 minutes from Sarteneja, a charming fishing village known for its vibrant culture and friendly locals. Additionally, the property is just a 1.5-hour drive away from both Mexico and Corozal Town, offering easy access to amenities, services, and international travel options. It's worth noting that major improvements are currently underway to enhance the road infrastructure, connecting Sarteneja, Orange Walk, Warree Bight, and Corozal Town together. This development signifies the tremendous growth potential of the region, with an anticipated increase in land value in a short period of time. As an investor or landowner, this presents an exceptional opportunity to secure a valuable piece of land and benefit from future appreciation. In conclusion, this waterfront property on Chetumal Bay in Warree Bight, Corozal District, Belize offers a unique blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and investment potential. With its crystal-clear waters, hard sandy bottom, off-grid setting, and proximity to key locations, it presents an ideal opportunity to own a piece of paradise and make a sound investment. Don't miss out on this exceptional chance to create a lifetime of memories in this enchanting waterfront haven. Please Reach for RichardPhone: +501 613 3629 WhatsApp:+501 613 3629 Skype or calls from the US and Canada: +1 904 490 0072 by email:

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