Lot 1 Tatonka Drive (Buffalo Heights S/D)

Kewaunee, Wisconsin, 54216, United States

Property ID: #689 // land
Lot 1 Tatonka Drive (Buffalo Heights S/D)
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Icon 0.55 acres
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Lot 1 Tatonka Drive (Buffalo Heights S/D)
Municipality or Township:
City of Kewaunee
Zip Code:
United States
Property Type:
Additional Property Types:
Residential, Single Family
Lot Size:
0.55 acres

Featured Seller's Representative

  • Alex Ryczek
  • LLC
  • License # 81436-94
  • +1 (920) 373-4852
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Property Information

Residential lot available located in the City of Kewaunee. Lot features 0.55 acres and has deeded access to Lake Michigan. Utilities include cable, electric, natural gas, and telephone. All underground services, laterals in lot. Located in the beautiful subdivision of Buffalo Heights.


From Kewaunee, head east on Ellis St toward Milwaukee St. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Milwaukee St. Destination will be on the left on the corner of Milwaukee Street & Tatonka Drive.


  • Realtor/Broker Participation: 1.75%
  • Earnest Money: Total earnest money is to be negotiated at the time of offer and to be agreed upon in writing in a Purchase Contract by the Buyer and Seller.
  • Brokers and agents are fully protected end encouraged to participate.
  • RealtyHive &, LLC are licensed auction firms working for the seller of said property, performing auction and auction marketing services as a part of this transaction.


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EARNEST MONEY REQUIREMENT: Total earnest money to be negotiated at the time of offer and to be agreed upon in writing in a Purchase Contract by the Buyer and Seller.

CLOSING DATE: To be negotiated within 30 days of the online event date unless otherwise agreed to in writing in a Purchase Contract by Buyer and Seller.

REALTOR/BROKER PARTICIPATION: A cooperating brokerage fee can be earned by the Real Estate Broker acting as a Buyer’s Broker, whose Buyer closes on the property as agreed upon in the executed Purchase Contract. Please see the Property details on or contact a RealtyHive representative at (888) 662-1020 for the cooperating brokerage fee offered for each property.

# File Title Download
1 LetterOfIntentToPurchase
2 Event_Addendum_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
3 Vacant_Land_Disclosure_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
4 Affidavit_for_Easment_Correction_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
5 Restrictive_Covenants_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
6 Property_Summary_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
7 Assessment_Details_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
8 Plat_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
9 Aerial_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
10 2017_Tax_Summary_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
11 2017_Tax_Bill_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
12 LetterOfIntentToPurchase
13 Event_Addendum_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
14 Vacant_Land_Disclosure_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
15 Affidavit_for_Easment_Correction_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
16 Restrictive_Covenants_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
17 Property_Summary_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
18 Assessment_Details_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
19 Plat_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
20 Aerial_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
21 2017_Tax_Summary_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
22 2017_Tax_Bill_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
23 LetterOfIntentToPurchase
24 Event_Addendum_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
25 Vacant_Land_Disclosure_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
26 Affidavit_for_Easment_Correction_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
27 Restrictive_Covenants_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
28 Property_Summary_Report_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
29 Assessment_Details_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive1
30 Plat_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
31 Aerial_Map_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
32 2017_Tax_Summary_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive
33 2017_Tax_Bill_-_Lot_1_Tatonka_Drive

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