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Residential Lots in the Rainforest

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estate

Santa Marta, Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize

Property ID: #408442 // commercial
Residential Lots in the Rainforest
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Residential Lots in the Rainforest
Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estate
Santa Marta, Belmopan
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Cayo District
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0.46 acres
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REMAX Belize
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PRICE: USD$50,000 Nestled at the foothills of the Maya mountains alongside the Sibun River and surrounded by the 10,000 acre Sibun Nature Reserve. This Rainforest Reserve hasa wide variety of lot locations withinPhase 1 of theestate that offer unique housing sites. For the lots - US$49,128 for 0.46 acers to US$120,980 for 1.05 acres. 16 Riverside lots that are immediately adjacent totheSibun River15 Creekside lots that back onto a smaller all year round creek and havetheSibun Forest Reserve beyondthecreek. 16 Hillside Riverview lots run along a ridge overlookingtheriver valley and also back ontothesame all year round creek, and26 Hilltop lots enjoy 360 degree views and a steady breeze.Thesecond phase ofthedevelopment will be an additional 36 lots that continue down alongtheSibun River.Thesecond phase of lots will not be serviced untilthecompletion of phase 1 sales. Don't miss out! Contact Layla today for further details regarding this listing or to schedule a private tour. BZ Phone: +501 620 21 09 US Phone: + 1 (917) 512-2892 Email:

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