Cashback at closing

Cashifyd is the 1st global self-referral marketplace helping buyers and sellers connect with real estate agents through a cashback at closing offering. Unleash your real estate superpowers and download the app today!

How does it work?

Simply enter some basic information about the property you are looking to buy or sell. Your criteria will be sent to agents in your market and you will receive cashback offers within 24-48 hours. Your name and contact information will only be available to the agent you chose to work with. Once you make your agent selection, your agent will be in touch to begin the process.

Why Cashifyd?

Cashifyd represents a fundamental change in the consumer sales and purchase process. Cashifyd was developed in part to help consumers realize the power of their own value in a transaction. Most current and existing business/sales models only focus on a sale. Cashifyd represents a complete change in that process.

Cashifyd versus the traditional method

In traditional real estate, if an agent refers you to another real estate agent, that agent will make money off you wanting to buy or sell - and that's only fair, it's the 'distribution' chain.

Through Cashifyd you become that middleman!


  • According to the Department of Justice, the following US states currently do not allow consumer rebates (AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, TN). For more information, view the DOJ website at the link below. If your state does not allow consumer cashback at closing, we suggest contacting your state to request services like this become available.

  • No Problem, Cashifyd will offer suggested/recommended top-notch agents in your area to make this the best real estate experience of your life.

  • All Cashifyd buyers must be unrepresented consumers who have not signed an agency disclosure or agreement. Please note, any properties that are purchased with a protected buyer status from a previous agent may be unavailable for cashback at closing

  • Your newfound powers can be used on any type of real estate as long as you sign up first. Cashifyd assists in connecting motivated buyers and sellers with top-notch agents all over the globe -- the type of real estate you prefer to buy or sell is up to you.

  • The cashback amounts are based on an average estimate. Actual cashback will vary based on your specific market and final sales price.

  • Your cashback will be paid at closing. Typically, you will see this on the closing statement as a credit for your closing costs.

  • Agents outside of the Cashifyd marketplace are not required to offer cashback.


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